Run4Grenfell Campaign

We have been delighted in supporting fire fighters from London Paddington’s fire station in their bid to raise money to help victims and families of the Grenfell Tower fire. Altimise designed, developed and kept up-to-date the campaign’s website to support the fundraising and awareness raising programme for the fire fighters who aimed to run the London Marathon in full fire fighter’s kit.

The nine fire fighters from A21 Paddington Red Watch, within the London Fire Brigade, were all on the scene, and some of the first crews in attendance, at the Grenfell Tower fire on June 14th 2017. The aftermath has been a challenging time for them all, both physically and emotionally; their dependence on the support of their colleagues, the London Fire Brigade, and the Fire Fighters Charity cannot be underestimated.

As a Watch they wanted to do something extra to raise money for the victims and families of the Grenfell Tower fire and for The Fire Fighters Charity who have offered ongoing support to the fire fighters who have suffered with issues with injury or PTSD following the fire. The fire fighters are very passionate about making sure all monies raised goes to the people and causes that need it.

So the fire fighters decided to run the 2018 Virgin London Marathon (22nd April 2018) in full fire fighting gear, and that included wearing their BA (breathing apparatus) sets. This was by no means a small feat as their fire gear alone wears 15kg with the BA sets an additional 15kg. The fire fighters have a large watch at Paddington Fire Station and those who did not run in the marathon helped enormously with the fundraising and training for the nine who took part.

Watch the ‘Spirit of London: The firefighters’ below and find out more about the story behind the Run4Grenfell campaign.

Over £107,000+ raised

See the Fire Fighters’ event website for details (website no longer maintained so links might not be working)

Altimise created and kept up-to-date the campaign’s website. The website promoted the campaign, helping to raise in excess of £107,000, and be a platform to gain sponsorship and support from companies including Polar UK, Science in Sport, 5.11 Tactical, and Trade Mark Events.

We are incredibly proud of all nine fire fighters, and all their colleagues, with all their fundraising and awareness raising efforts. Making national news, and numerous television appearances on the BBC and ITV to help raise awareness of the charities and fund raising opportunities, played an enormous part in supporting the Harrow Club W10, The Rugby Portobello Trust, and The Fire Fighters Charity.

Well done to everyone who was involved.


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