The people and idea behind Altimise


Enjoy what you do and success will follow. Embrace how this success is revealed and the fulfilment you will experience.

Meet Seán

A teacher for nearly ten years, and manager of the England Rugby Sevens team, Seán co-founded and ran a successful activity and adventure company for twelve years delivering educational activity and adventure-based programmes to thousands of young people every year. Sean is a qualified teacher, Mountain Leader, Archery Instructor and Advanced First Aider.

Seán left his activity and adventure company in capable hands towards the end of 2016 after seeing it through its transition into a successful, not-for-profit social enterprise. Seán travelled back to Nepal in late 2016, spending time in rural communities and experiencing local adventures, and developing the Altimise concept. Seán continued to meet many providers of adventure, education, charity fundraising and health programmes on return to the UK, and it became clear that his many years of planning, marketing, developing business strategies and managing teams in the education, adventure and sports sectors were going to be put to great use.

Seán has always seen activity and adventure experiences as a powerful vehicle for individual and community change, with long term strategies ensuring more effective and sustainable outcomes. This passion embodies much of what Altimise embraces and how Seán supports businesses, events and projects across the UK and overseas. Get in touch with Seán if you’d like to find out more or just touch base.


Founder, Altimise Ltd


Al-ti-mise   [al – tuh – mahyz]
The word ‘altimise‘ consists (1) ‘altitude‘ [altimise] in always striving to achieve the highest level you can at what you do, (2) ‘time‘ [altim-ise] in making time for yourself, the people you love, and the activities you enjoy, and (3) ‘smile’ [a-l-ti-mise] to make sure you do what makes you happy; your passion.

Al-ti-mis-tic   [al – tuh – mis – tik]

  1. relating to the principles of enjoying what do, being the best you can be at what you do, and always allowing time for yourself and those you love.
  2. of or relating to altimism.

Al-ti-mis-m   [al – tuh – miz – uh  m]

  1. a disposition or tendency to approach an aim or purpose with positivity and tenacity.
  2. the understanding that success is measured by internal happiness and fulfilment.
  3. the attitude that success is in how one treats other people.

Enjoy what you do and success will follow. Embrace how this success is revealed and the fulfilment you will experience.

If you would like to know more, then please do contact Seán.

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